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On Thursday, May 9th and Friday, May 10th the Hartnackschule is closed. There are no classes and the office is closed. We are looking forward to help you on Monday May 13th.

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Monday to Friday from 09:00 AM to  02:00 PM

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German classes abroad online

Take part in the courses from outside Berlin.

Here you will find our offer for ONLINE courses (we use Seconos)

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Learn German in three easy steps



Explore our course offerings on our website, take our placement test if needed, and find the optimal language course for your needs. Book your course quickly and easily via the website.


Attend course

Participate in either face-to-face classes or attend our language course via distance learning. Our language teachers are all trained experts in the field of German.



Complete your language course by successfully passing the associated exam and receive your language certificate from us. The Hartnackschule is a telc competence center and Test DaF examination center.

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Online Placement Test:
German for Global Courses

You are unsure which of our offered courses is suitable for you?
Simply test yourself online and find out what level your knowledge of the German language corresponds to. Accordingly, you can now register for the appropriate course or courses. 

Integration and Professional Language Courses

The Hartnackschule offers state-sponsored courses that are carried out on behalf of the BAMF. These include the integration courses, professional language courses and the academic health professions. These courses can be booked every month.

Because I finished a B2 course at Hartnackschule two years ago, I wanted to perfect my language skills at Hartnack too, especially because I remember the high quality of teaching and the professional teachers. At first I regretted that my course was only online because of the epidemic. However, it quickly became apparent that this way of learning can also be very attractive. I was only able to get to know my colleagues during the exam, but earlier, in front of the computer screen, we managed to initiate a friendly relationship. Above all, I was satisfied because of the clear explanation of the difficult German grammar, which was always problematic for me. Thanks to our teacher Ms. Hella Garbe, many previously incomprehensible rules have become clear and precise. If I decide on a C2 course, I will certainly do it at Hartnack.


Lukasz Drgas
German BSK C1

In October 2020, I started learning German at the Hartnack School. The school was sympathetic, so I chose it. I am currently attending a C1.3 course. At first I doubted how online education would work, but it is perfect. My teacher is very prepared, thorough and makes excellent use of the online interfaces needed during class. There is always grammar review and if anyone has questions she always helps. Practical but at the same time very useful structure of the lessons. I am very satisfied with the school and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn German.

German Course C1

I took the C1 course here and I am very satisfied. When the lockdown started, the school responded very quickly so we didn't miss a single day of class. During the online classes, the school and the teachers also presented themselves very skillfully.
Therefore, I can only recommend the school.

German Course C1

German can be a real obstacle. All the rules, the grammatical structures and the pronunciation.... When I started the C1 course, I felt insecure and not able to pass the exam. In these last months, Hartnack School has really helped me to overcome these insecurities. Thanks to the preparation by the teacher and the efficiency of the school, especially needed in these Corona times with the online classes, I am finally prepared to pass the exam and ready for my future!

Chiara Assunta Cucciniello
German Course C1

I have taken almost every course at this school. The last course I took was C1. I am very happy with this school, and especially that everyone is treated individually here. The teachers are very understanding and try to help where they can. The family atmosphere and the great team make you feel very comfortable here. I wholeheartedly recommend this school.

Alicja Petke
German Course C1

I would like to thank my teacher Hella Garbe.
Best teacher that I have met.
She has given a lot of effort and I have learned a lot.
Hartnack school is the best.

Nargis Ansary
German Course

I chose this school as my father in law studied here 50 years ago.

I completed A1-A2 here when I arrived in Berlin in 2010 and it was a great experience.

I studied B1 and B2 in other schools and did they were not as good.

As a result, I came back and am currently sturdying C1. Our teacher Hella is great and I am really happy.

I 100% recommend the school to anyone that wants to learn German.

James Doherty
German Course C1

After my learning process at the Hartnackschule, I am particularly grateful to the teacher Hella Garbe. Thanks to the high quality of their teaching and their willingness to put my doubts aside in detail, I have acquired a lot of knowledge. The German course has very extensive texts and exercises. The class covers topics of multicultural interest and there are various tests to prepare for the exam. Highly recommended.

Luisa Abreo
German Course C1

If I had to recommend a school to learn German, it would certainly be Hartnackschule Berlin. I discovered it by searching the internet and comparing comments and I can say that I am satisfied with everything it gives me. I got the result I was looking for. Not only a very good quality of teaching, but also a good knowledge of German. Something that I get from the school very good is the treatment with the students, it is very close and that makes it easy for you to learn, the lessons are very dynamic and have different resources as long as we destroy the necessary level. Also very positive are the friendships I have, there is a very diverse environment and a good atmosphere is created both with classmates and teachers.

Juliette Deza
German Course C1

I enjoy learning German with Mr. Brockmann. He has a lot of positive energy that has given me motivation. Thank you Hartnackshule and Mr. Brockmann for your help and effort.

Arzu Hesenli
German Course

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    Welcome to Hartnackschule Berlin. We are a private language school and offer German courses, integration courses and professional language courses, as well as the associated exams. Our school building is located near Nollendorfplatz on Motzstraße in the Schöneberg district.