Company policy of the Hartnackschule

Main building, Motzstrasse

Our mission is to achieve the goals of our customers.
We can achieve these goals in unison:

An open-minded language school.

The quality policy was developed jointly by the employees and the executive of the Hartnackschule Berlin; it reflects the open-minded and positive attitude of the entire staff towards all of our customers.

For six months, nine months or even longer, the Hartnackschule Berlin is the intellectual and social focal point for our course participants, who come from more than 20 different countries. Tolerance and open-mindedness have shaped the style of teaching at the Hartnackschule Berlin. At the same time, the school is renowned for its reasonable price structure, opening the door to language instruction for a broad clientele. In collaboration with charity organizations, the Hartnackschule Berlin awards grants to underprivileged participants. In 2002, the Hartnackschule Berlin commenced its co-operation with the Lauterbach Stiftung Foundation.

The Hartnackschule Berlin is committed to the constant development and enhancement of its customer services. Alongside current objectives that are reviewed and set annually, the school has set itself fundamental goals, whose performance are monitored by internal auditing.