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German test for immigrants

The Hartnackschule Berlin is a examination center and regularly conducts German tests for immigrants A2/ B1 (DTZ).

( will take over from 01.01.2023)

The European Language Certificates are a system of language tests based on the Council of Europe's Framework of Reference for Language Learning. Different skills are tested at different levels.

The exams are based on central tasks, organized throughout Europe according to uniform rules and evaluated according to identical evaluation guidelines.

Important Information:

At present only students of Hartnackschule accepted for DTZ-exams

You can find the DTZ exam dates here:

Registration deadline  written exam  oral exam   

22.06.2024            12.07.2024                 15.07.2024

06.07.2024            26.07.2024                 29.07.2024

03.08.2024            23.08.2024                 26.08.2024

17.08.2024            06.09.2024                 09.09.2024

31.08.2024            20.09.2024                 23.09.2024

28.09.2024            18.10.2024                 21.10.2024



Did you take the DTZ?

Then you want to download your certificate now! As a rule, the results of the exam are available two and a half weeks after the exam.

The certificates are ready for download about 4 weeks after the exam.

1. Go to the participant portal of g.a.s.t.

2. Enter your user name and password, just as you did when registering for the exam.

3. Log in.

4. Now you can download the certificate. If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password.

Contact for questions  

School Office
Phone: 030 210 219 3