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C2 - Competent Use of Language

I am taking C2. What can I do then?

I can effortlessly understand and summarize practically everything I read or hear, giving reasons and explanations coherently. I express myself not only spontaneously, but also very fluently and precisely. I rarely make mistakes. In more complex situations, I can make finer nuances of meaning clear. I have made it! I now speak and write almost as if German were my mother tongue.

If you are not sure, which course to attend: our placement test


What can I expect in the course?

day 1    

You get to know each other and share your interests. For this purpose, a questionnaire is first filled out. Each participant talks about the expectations of this course.

from day 2

There is a very individual program tailored to the participants, which results from the discussion on the first day. The format is highly differentiated internally and is based on the wishes and interests expressed. This is how a variable program develops: work on and with original texts and audios (newspaper articles, radio features, fiction or specialist literature) through conversation, writing and pronunciation training to the presentation of the telc C2 exam. If you are interested, you can also visit a cultural event.


What do I need for the lesson?

Completed C 1 level is a prerequisite for this course. You should bring a monolingual dictionary (printed, on your phone or your tablet.)