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Leitbild Hartnackschule

The Hartnackschule Berlin is a traditional, ISO 9001 certified language school offering high quality education with a focus on "German as a Foreign Language" and "German as a Second Language".

The Hartnackschule Berlin is a language school approved by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees for the implementation of integration and orientation courses and job-oriented language courses. It is authorized by the Federal
authorized by the Federal Employment Agency to conduct language courses with the objective "German for the job".

The Hartnackschule Berlin is a licensed examination center for telc language examinations as well as a recognized TestDaF and WiDaF examination center.
In the year of its centenary, the renowned language school at Nollendorfplatz lays the foundations for future corporate development with a mission statement.

The mission statement was developed in a continuous process by the employees. During the development process, all employees were given the opportunity to participate in various ways and help shape it.

The mission statement is supported by all employees and is a guideline and orientation.

The Hartnackschule Berlin is characterized by the fact that it succeeds in achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction through the diversity and differentiation of its offerings. The mission statement will also make a significant contribution to this.

We must continue to develop our range of language courses in response to the ever-changing challenges facing society. Through its comprehensive, reliable and differentiated range of German and English courses, the Hartnackschule Berlin promotes the integration of migrants into German society, especially into the primary labor market, and lays the foundation for students of international origin to integrate into German universities. The work of the Hartnack School is thus in line with the economic, scientific and foreign policy interests of our country.

Berlin in December 2015


100 years of tradition, 100 dedicated employees, looking 10 years into the future.

We, the Hartnackschule Berlin, with our comprehensive, differentiated and distinctive offer of effective language courses for German and English we make a significant contribution to European culture as well as to science, business and foreign policy. What motivates us as a language school is the improvement of our clients' language competence. This creates the basis for any further education and integration into the local society.

We, the Hartnackschule Berlin, are characterized by a warmly lived welcome culture, versatile opportunities for learning and integration, and special features as an employer.

We, the Hartnackschule Berlin, will continue to be successful in the future as an independent, private company in the market, while specifically promoting the participation of our responsible employees.

Tradition and innovation

As an economically independent and successful company, we are proud of the roots of the Hartnack School. What started 100 years ago with an innovation is today quality with tradition. We face changes openly and flexibly. We remain a reliable place of learning and integration for our clientele for generations to come.

In particular, we maintain the good tradition of providing scholarships to enable socially disadvantaged customers to participate equally in language acquisition.
Our long tradition offers a fund of valuable professional and personal experience and competence.

Our methods and procedures are proven, qualified and forward-looking.
Through professional and process-related innovations as well as continuous improvements, also in the social area, we keep our finger on the pulse of time and remain competitive. We make sure that innovations suit us and involve our employees in the further development of the school.

Diversity and competence

For us, bringing diversity to life is both a strength and a challenge. For us, this means a constant process of learning and insight, of grasping diversity in all its facets and understanding it as a decisive competitive factor.
As committed employees of the Hartnack School, we translate this view of diversity and variety into reality and communicate it to our customers.

We cultivate an appreciative corporate culture. We use the similarities and differences of our employees constructively. In this way, new ideas emerge, strengths complement each other and abilities develop.

In our company, we oppose discrimination on the basis of ethnic origin, gender, religion or ideology, disability, age or sexual identity.

The experience and knowledge of our employees are our most important assets and make a significant contribution to securing the future of our school. Continuous further education and knowledge transfer ensure the quality of our services and promote innovation.

Our competence management enables all employees to take advantage of suitable learning and development opportunities and to systematically develop their professional and personal skills.

Social context and engagement

Our social responsibility as a language school is reflected in our offerings for different social groups. We support our participants in order to increase their opportunities in society.

We value the cultural diversity of our customers and colleagues as an enrichment. We treat the individual and his or her identity with openness, understanding and recognition.

We are convinced that everyone has a right to full participation in social life and security in society. We regard this as a value to be protected. Therefore, we oppose any kind of discrimination and racism. We offer efficient methods to learn languages and want to enable the success of integration and open up future opportunities with more than words and grammar.

Customer understanding and customer-oriented behavior

We see the customers of our language school as interested and motivated individuals whom we want to accompany on their way.

We meet our customers' needs in an open-minded and flexible manner. Our aim is to provide fair and reliable services that meet the needs of our customers. We provide a positive and effective learning environment and enjoy teaching.

To ensure customer satisfaction, we regularly review and evaluate the quality of our services. Thus, as a learning organization, we can also react flexibly to changes.

We maintain an international network and live a warm welcome culture.

Employee understanding and working conditions

We cultivate collegiality and diversity by treating each other with respect, helpfulness and fairness. Our cooperation is characterized by openness and trust. Team spirit determines our actions.

When designing working relationships and work organization, we pay attention to stability, good work and optimally organized processes, which in particular serve to maintain the physical and mental health of all employees.

The appreciation of all employees is expressed in the fact that their competence, qualifications, experience and personal commitment are taken seriously and valued. It is also reflected in the fact that employees can actively participate in the design of working conditions.

Leadership and organization

Our managers are qualified and have the necessary resources to perform complex management tasks. These also include the trustworthy and development of employees as well as shaping the management and corporate culture. Our managers are aware of their responsibility and role model function at all times.

We ensure that the performance of colleagues in all areas is supported by optimal work processes. We achieve this through comprehensive transparency of the organizational structure and processes as well as by assigning, coordinating and documenting clear responsibilities.

We strive for a fair distribution of tasks and responsibilities and are aware that a good work-life balance ensures the motivation and motivation of our employees.

Information and communication

The basis for our successful cooperation is constructive communication within the company. Every employee in our company makes a unique contribution to the success of the unique contribution to the success of the Hartnack School.

This awareness is reflected in a collegial cooperation.
We maintain an open and factual information culture using contemporary media, so that our employees, customers and partners are promptly and about lesson planning, work processes and about school and social activities.

We handle the personal data of our customers and employees with the utmost care in compliance with data protection regulations.

Partner and public

We are a competent, reliable and responsible partner focused on stability and continuity.

We are open to the wishes, requirements and suggestions that are made to us by the public sector, in particular by funders.

We actively cultivate exchanges with our partners and uphold our own values, such as respect, fairness, reliability, understanding, as well as competence and responsibility.

All employees see themselves as representatives of the Hartnack School - internally and externally - and stand up for our common values.

Environment and sustainability

We feel we have a responsibility to use valuable resources such as energy and paper sparingly.

This also applies to the careful treatment of all other resources at our disposal.

We promote environmentally conscious behavior through exemplary initiatives and take care to use our resources efficiently and sustainably.

Thank you

To all contributors from the faculty and administrative staff and especially to the members of the "Leitbild AG", consisting of Dr. Klaus Peter Buchheit, Karl Bungert, Petra Drenkert, Sibel Farias, Hella Garbe, Elke Hegewald, Berra Ilkan-Boga, Ute Riek, Monika Szklarek-Wünsch, Vera Theis with Günter Dietrich, Wilfried Friedrichs and Dr. Elena Nolte-Borovkova (editors), Ulrich Grundmann (editor), supported by Uta Sadowski-Lehmann and Rolf Kuhlmann.


Henning Lauterbach
Executive school owner and principal
Hartnackschule Berlin
Motzstraße 5
10777 Berlin (Schöneberg)