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telc Exams

All telc language examinations are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which was published by the Council of Europe in 2001 for the skill areas listening, reading, speaking and writing. These are recognized by all national authorities and universities / colleges.

If you have partially passed a telc exam (oral or written), you can have the passed part credited and only register separately for the part that you want to repeat. However, this does not reduce the examination fee. When booking a partial repetition, you must give us the date of your first exam and your telc number (on your results sheet) so that the part of the exam that you have already passed can be recognized.

The registration deadline for Telc exams is no later than 15 days before the exam date. In individual cases, late registrations are possible for a fee of € 30. Please check availabilty at If you withdraw from an exam after the registration deadline, you will incur a cancellation fee of € 85.

Please bring your passport for identification on the day of your exam!

Level A1

Level A2

Level B1

Level B2

Level C1

Level C1 Hochschule

Level C2