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You can learn a little about us and get a basic idea of your ability in English. It should not take you more than 15 minutes and, of course, you may NOT use a dictionary! Simply follow the instructions and enter your answers.

Please select the correct answer.

Every weekday 8.30 I take the U4 underground from Innsbruckerplatz. My friend usually the U2 and some of classmates use the U1 or U15. We all have one thing in common. We get off at Nollendorfplatz, we are students at the Hartnackschule.

arrival, the first thing we do the morning is to buy a cup of coffee at one of the many kiosks or coffee shops Motz street. Our school is in a beautiful old building at number 5. We also have classrooms in the highrise on the corner of Kleist street. There are hundreds of students from all over the world.

This morning is the first day of a new month and many new faces. At our kiosk some teachers their German classes. The friendly Spanish teacher is giving a student . My friends are talking about the English film we see tonight. (All the English students go to the cinema on the first Tuesday of the month at Potsdammerplatz.) Near the entrance to the school, Mr Akin, our ‘Hausmeister’, is helping students
their classrooms. Upstairs, on the first floor, new students are waiting to register in the main office. German students a number and wait their turn. English and other foreign language students are lucky. They directly to Counter 6.

Please identify the error in each sentence.

I have been studying (a) English here since (b) almost one year (c).

When I decided studying (a) I took a Placement Test. It took (b) about 30 minutes and then I had (c) an interview.

I was asked why did I (a) want to improve my English (b) and I said that I was hoping to work (c) in an international company.

So I started in a M1 class, which (a) is Lower Intermediate. When I finished M2, I realised (b) I needed revision, so I made (c) a one month Refresher course and now I am studying for my FCE.

By December (a) I will have been completing (b) my exam and I would really like to do (c) the Business English course in the evening.

While (a) some of my friends are taking the Writting Course (b), others are doing (c) the TOEFL course because they want to study in the USA.

One (a) is even (b) registered in a course to go to the Australia (c)!

Please select the correct answer.

I really must go now. It is almost 9.00am and our class is to begin.

If I had more time, I would tell you so much more. You should come around yourself. You may just find exactly what you are looking for. If I known it would be such fun, I would have come ages ago. What I like most about the HS is the opportunity to learn in such a tolerant and multi-cultural environment. The teachers, who also come from all over the world, make you you are in good hands and let you develop at your own pace, while still giving you all the encouragement and support you need. And that’s what a good school is all about, isn’t it?


Hartnackschule Berlin

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