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Our Concept of Language Learning

Course Participants

The students in our English courses come not only from Berlin, but from many parts of the world. Our participants can experience globalisation at first hand, network and socialise with their fellow students and meet people who share the same goals and who are flexible and mobile in dealing with the demands of modern life. Many of them are very young and in third-level education. Our workshops and premium courses, however, also offer a competent and goal-orientated learning support for employed persons, adults and seniors.

Learning Support

A participant with previous knowledge of the English language can join our ongoing courses at any stage they wish. In order to ensure a successful introduction, we do recommend a personal counselling appointment at the school. Following a written placement test and a little chat, we offer the customer a learning programme suited to them and their learning goal.

Adults learn differently than children. In the course of their lives, adults develop individual strategies to learn as best they can. We assist them in maximising what they have already achieved and in successfully employing this, in turn, to learning a new language.

The individual learning programme reveals to customers where their particular linguistic strengths and weaknesses in English lie. After the customer has outlined their learning objectives, we bring together the various aspects and make a recommendation as to which courses in which order would fulfil the objective in the shortest possible time. In doing so, we encourage the customer to formulate realistic goals. We point out what the language student can do to learn efficiently - both in and outside the school.

The Teaching Team

The learner is the deciding factor in the learning success equation. The teachers that accompany the learning process and sustain the interest of the course participants are, however, also an important determinant. The teachers create the learning situation in which language acquisition can take place effectively. Our teaching team can pass on information competently and encourage even the most timid of students to speak; they recognize when mistakes have to be corrected and when the joy of communication takes precedence. Our instructors are versed in teaching methodology and are either native speakers or at a comparative linguistic level. Not only have they studied teaching a foreign language, but they have experienced how adults learn and acquire the skills to express themselves in another language.

Moreover, their expertise in intercultural communication allows them to foster students' talents optimally. Our instructors have worked in Great Britain, Australia, South Africa, Canada, the United States, Ireland, Japan, Poland, France and, of course, in Germany. Language classes with them and with your fellow participants, many of whom come from all over the world, are always an invigorating experience.

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