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Victory in the HARTNACKs´ first game

In this year´s fall, two dozens of Hartnackschule students of different courses built a soccer team in order to participate in the TU league. They were inspired by an idea of Hartnackschule staff members Thomas Maack and Petra Drenkert.
  Victory in their first game: "HARTNACKs"
 Victory in their first game: "HARTNACKs"
On October 15, 2006, they played their first friendly game against "Kulturfreunde Herrengedeck" statt. Kulturfreunde startet dominanting the game and took their first chance and scored. The new formed and unordered Hartnackschule team could cope with it and came back stronger. Abu Reash equalised at the right time just before halftime break.
The line-up slightly changed, HARTNACKs started the second half furiously and were rewarded with sensational goals. Near the end of the game, „Herrengedeck“ could nearly tie the game, but Xinghui Jin´s important goal lead the HARTNACKs to the deserved 5:3 final score.
(Henning Lauterbach/ Thomas Maack)

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