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Partners of the Hartnackschule Berlin

  • Lingua Cultus e.K.

    Sprachentwicklung und -Kooperation

  • The National Association of Private Schools (Bundesverband Deutscher Privatschulen VDP) can be found at zu finden.

  • The Berlin-Brandenburg Association of Private Schools (Landesverband Berlin-Brandenburg) has its web site located at

  • Our license school, the training center Hartnack-Schule in Offenbach, can be visited at

  • Please have a look at the web site of the "Werbedienst Berlin". For decades the Werbedienst has supported us in our PR stategies.

  • For years, the Hartnackschule has made available their qualified DaF-teachers to the project

  • Hartnackschule Berlin cooperates with the Turkish-German education institute "TÜDESB Berlin-BRandenburg e.V.". Find out more at

  • Support service for our course participants from Arabic countries we offer at:

  • Institute for Intercultural Communication:
    TestDaF - Exams and Tests
    Our Partner, Institute for Intercultural Communication, organizes the exams for Hartnackschule students. Moreover, they offer trial and test runs, before the real, "hot" exams.

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